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VoIP Business Services enables companies to communicate with each other and customers over the Internet using an IP network rather than a traditional telephone line. VoIP Business Services consists of converged networks which give hosted IP telephony and unified communications protocols on the same network. Businesses are offered hosted IP telephony solutions as well as various other features including call recording, video, document sharing, instant messaging, and file sharing all in one place for a price.

Traditional phone systems use analog voice signals to transmit messages from one point to another. These analog signals are transmitted over long distances, which incur high attenuation and distortion. These traditional communications systems also require specific software programs to run efficiently and include features such as auto discovery, call forwarding, voicemail, and speed dial. This means that calls can take a long time to be replied to or entered into the system. Advanced unified communications solutions allow for streamlined voice and data transmission over IP networks.

IP phones are ideal for business communication since they enable simultaneous reception and outgoing calls even when the user is traveling. An IP phone service provides the ability to make calls anywhere a computer is, even if the user is not within range of the internet connection. Business people can also use voip business services to eliminate long distance charges for international long distance calls. Calls can be placed and received from any location using the internet and a high speed internet connection.

With VoIP business services, callers can send their messages to the recipient in any language. Large numbers of providers offer voicemail, which allows users to save messages to a server and retrieve it at a later time. Users can add their own file names for keeping voice messages. They can create a voice message with a specific subject line and attach it to an email or fax. VoIP providers often provide the ability to preview incoming messages and write new ones.

In order to integrate VoIP systems with business phone systems,

resellers must partner with a supplier that offers integrated set-ups. The ringcentral system is one of the most popular VoIP providers and enables unlimited phone calls to an unlimited number of phone lines. This feature is usually offered as part of a subscription with the provider. Users may call from their personal computer, mobile devices, IP phones, and traditional phones. Businesses may integrate their voice business services with ringcentral through a software program or web interface.

Many VoIP businesses services include a hosted VoIP system.

Businesses may use a third party host to maintain their network and software applications and supply all the necessary hardware. Software applications for voice messaging and conferencing can also be managed through a host. Hosted voice and data systems are less costly than maintaining an in house network and are also flexible and scalable. They allow users to make low cost regular phone calls without the need for maintaining infrastructure and incur minimal maintenance costs.

An advanced call delivery system is also offered by some VoIP providers and integrates voice with video. Video calling with voice has become a popular feature for some VoIP providers and in particular video conference calling. Advanced call distribution is an additional feature that allows users to control the distribution of calls among multiple contacts. Some VoIP providers offer advanced call distribution with group call lists and call locking to prevent unwanted call forwarding.

VoIP advanced call features may include call conferencing with participants at different locations or by using an external VoIP phone service provider. Another useful feature is call transfer, which allows users to send voice files to others. Some advanced options include three way calling, hold, dial by name, and call waiting.

  • The use of a VoIP phone service provider may cost slightly more than the use of a third party provider.
  • However, some VoIP business services are free or offer a minimal service plan at no extra cost.
  • To learn more about VoIP business phone services, check out the Internet.

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