Why Cryptocurrency?

If you are looking for an answer to the question “Why cryptocurrency?” You can probably find it here. The answer is actually a personal one, but it is by far the most interesting of all the answers I have given you so far.

In the recent past I have been involved in many things that were politically charged.

For example, as a citizen of the United States I supported a man for President, and, as a State Senator I voted for someone else. I do this because I believe politics in our country should be based on merit, and not just based on our choice of president. So why would I want someone who did not do anything for the people he or she was elected to represent?

That is a simple and easy answer to the question why cryptocurrency? I believed that such a system would make voting meaningless, and that the money being used for political campaign purposes was corrupting the system. However, it does not follow that if this were true that I would not vote for a candidate who wanted to use this system, and that I would not want to keep voting for someone who was using such a system. The main thing I have learned over the years is that the problem is not with the system itself, but with the people who manipulate the system.

They know they aren’t going to get caught and they certainly don’t like it when the system is called into question. However, their system has been proven, and their position is weak and they are trying to change the system from within.

These manipulators do not have the knowledge and understanding of economics and finance

that are necessary to understand how their system works, and the vast majority of them don’t even like what they do with the money they get. It is a good thing for you, though, that I am here to tell you why cryptocurrencies are not only inevitable but also simple to understand. I hope you will bear with me.

In economics and finance we have very difficult economic questions. But, once you understand the problems that are present and understand how those problems may be solved, the sky is the limit.

For example, people have asked me why I feel that the US Government problems and concerns about cryptocurrency are completely ridiculous. There are many reasons, but let me tell you one reason right now.

What if the people in control of the government realize that they cannot control the money supply, and they are starting to use it to try to control the currency of a currency that they can’t control? Now imagine if that happened?

If they tried to do that, what happens? Well, there are many different ways this could occur, but one is simply:


If the people in power got in on this, they would be controlling the currency of the world, but they don’t.

  • Remember, if they try to do that, it is not that easy for them to be successful, because they don’t understand what cryptocurrency is, and they don’t have the education or the understanding required to utilize it.
  • But remember, if they ever try to control it they are simply going to be putting themselves out of business.
  • And, yes, I said they could succeed.

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